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Theresa is a Ph.D. Candidate at Colorado State University. Her dissertation research focuses on the intersection between landscape-level ecosystem management, international sustainable forestry and networked (or "collaborative") trans-boundary conservation. She is ultimately interested in the governance implications of the networked nature of both trans-boundary collaboration and reporting schemes for legitimacy, accountability, and effectiveness. Her current focus is a mixed-methods case study of conservation efforts between public and private organizations in the United States and Canada on the Crown of the Continent landscape, which is located in the corners of British Columbia, Alberta, and Montana. She is collecting data through semi-structured interviews, participant observation, and survey questionnaires to learn more about this instance of networked governance.

Her subfields in Political Science are Environmental Politics and Policy, International Relations, and Comparative Politics. She has been a graduate teaching assistant for courses in global issues and international relations, and international studies. She has also worked as a research assistant in the Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship. She is now an instructor at Colorado State University for two courses: Current World Problems and Global Environmental Politics. Other affiliations include CSU's School of Global Environmental Sustainability, Earth System Governance Project, International Studies Association, and the Society for Human Ecology.

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